Introducing Spa Solutions – Distributors of Hot Tubs in the UK

As distributers of Hot Tubs in the United Kingdom, Spa Solutions are the exclusive importers for a number of quality Spa Jacuzzis and hot tub manufactures, ranging from low-cost market entry Hot Tubs to top of the range, luxury models.

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The word “hot tub” became popular in the 1970’s when the first portable, acrylic hot tubs, were introduced to the market. The definition of a hot tub is a large tub of hot water, in which bathers can soak, relax and most importantly socialise.  Hot tubs have evolved over the decades to include several new technologies, with clever and unique features, as well as establishing many health and wellness benefits. The majority of today’s hot tubs, here in the UK, are equipped with: Acrylic shells, Massaging water jets, adjustable LED lighting, built-in electronic controls, electronic audio systems with Bluetooth technology and programmable massage settings and programs.

Distributed here in the UK, hot tubs are also often called spas baths. However, in other parts of the world, spa is typically used to refer to some type of natural mineral spring or body of water. Our Hot Tubs offer the essence and well-being benefits of a naturally occurring spa. Our UK Hot Tubs offer a high-quality appearance, stylish touches, high performance, with total relaxation. All the benefits of luxurious massages and with a beautiful appearance.


Hot Tubs Distributed in the UK by Spa Solutions

Here’s what do you need to know before making your choice of Hot Tubs. Whether you choose to call your new piece of luxury a Jacuzzi Spa, a Hot Tub, or a Spa Bath? It is important you know what features are important to you before you begin to select and how to choose a quality model.

Hot Tub Water Jets
The type, style, number and water pressure of the water jets, as well as the water flow rate or water pressure, all play a major part in how satisfying your luxurious your hydrotherapy massage will be.

Hot Tub Insulation
Your Hot Tub must trap and reuse heat if it going to operate efficiently, especially in our UK climate. Naturally, you will want to consider the environment and keep your utility bills low, while maintaining stable water temperature, you can enjoy at any time.

The Hot Tub Cabinet
The Hot Tub cabinet will be available in a wide variety of colours, texture, and patterned finishes.

How Big?
Decide how many people will regularly be using your hot tub in one go and how much space will accommodate all bathers together.

A UK Hot Tub Warranty
Essential for carefree bathing, you will get a UK Hot Tub warranty, which will stand by the product and offer service and support for your hot tub.

The North River Spas FRASER RIVER Luxury Jacuzzi Spa, available in the UK

The North River Spas FRASER RIVER Hot Tub, distributed in the UK

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Distributed and in stock in the UK, Our Hot Tub products are available from a range of quality manufacturers. Please take a moment to check our online product catalogue. If you need help, please feel free to call us or contact us from this website.